Are you ready to sign up for Awana at Bethel Church?
Name of Parent/Guardian: *

What is your phone number?

How many children will be attending Awana?

Have any of your children attended an Awana program before?

What are the names and ages (and/or grade) and shirt sizes of the children planning to attend Awana at Bethel Church this fall?

(Example: Katie Jones, preschool, 4T; Tyler Jones, 2nd grade, size 8/M) *

How did you hear about Awana at Bethel?

The cost of Awana will be $30 per student with a maximum cost of $90 per family. You can pay on the first night of club, September 13.

Any questions or comments?

Thank you so much for signing up for Awana this year! We cannot wait to see you on September 13th! Invite your friends!

If you have any questions feel free to contact Alie Butterfield (630.341.4053 or or our church office (972.248.4401).

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